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Blue Ridge Physician Associate Services, LLC was founded in 2021 by Kate Goodrich, PA-C who saw a need in the central Virginia area for contracted Physician Assistant services to help meet the needs of local practices and hospitals as they aim to provide the best patient care. As healthcare reimbursements have decreased and cost of delivery of care continues to increase many medical practices and organizations are faced with the challenge of trying to balance adequate staffing and quality care with financial feasibility and profitability. Contracted employees can help to achieve this by bringing expertise but less financial burden, all while enabling the employee themselves the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a diverse range of specialties and to develop a satisfying work-life balance.


Kate Goodrich is a dedicated Physician Associate* with highly developed surgical skills and outstanding patient education abilities. She has more than 10 years of experience in Orthopaedics in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and in 2021 she began to expand her skills and experience within Aesthetics. She is passionate about providing patient-centered medical care in an approachable manner and continuing to grow as a clinician, leader, and educator. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Medical Science with a concentration in PA Education. Her areas of academic and clinical interest include clinical efficiency and its impact on patient and provider satisfaction, staff and provider wellbeing in the setting of burnout, the aging female athlete, exercise post-total joint replacement, hip fracture prevention, and orthopaedic injuries in equestrians.

Outside of work, Kate is an avid equestrian, loves hiking and traveling with her dogs, dabbles in photography, and enjoys volunteering with local animal welfare organizations.


Kate Goodrich, BA, MEd, MMSc, PA-C

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To learn more about the the title "Physician Associate" versus "Physician Assistant"

Available Services

  • Surgical First Assist
  • Hospital Rounding (Orthopedic patients only)
  • SNF/Rehab Rounding (Orthopedic patients only)
  • Office Coverage (Orthopedic patients only)
  • Consulting
    • Clinical Efficiency
    • Medical Staff and Provider Wellness & Retention
    • Integrating new hire / new graduate PAs
    • Utilization of PA to improve profits & patient care
    • Development or improvement of patient education materials
    • Writing or editing of medical marketing materials and PR publications
  • Kate also enjoys sharing her advice and experience with pre-PA and PA Students. Please contact her if you are interested in having her speak with students about the PA career and/or if you have a student in need of a PA mentor.


BA Biology – Washington & Lee University

MEd Exercise Physiology – University of Virginia

MMSc Physician Associate Program – Yale University

Current DMS student with PA Educator Concentration – Butler University

Certifications & Licenses



Virginia PA License




ACHE / CHLM Leadership Certification

InMode Morpheus8 Certification

Completion of Aesthetics training for Botox & Juvederm through the following institutes: Aesthetics Advancement Institute, Allergan Medical Institute, PALETTE

To learn more about availability, service area, and rates, please complete the New Inquiry Contact Information form.

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*The use of the term “Associate” is based on the degree conferred by Yale University. The Yale PA Program website provides the following explanation for their choice of terminology: “Yale has been training physician associates for 50 years. In the early 1970s when the PA program was created, the name of the PA profession and the associated training programs varied greatly. The Yale program pioneers envisioned a collegial partnership between this new medical provider and the physician and adopted the term “physician associate.” The Yale PA Program has retained this title ever since. Our PA graduates continue to be physician partners and patient advocates. Yale physician associate graduates practice medicine under the title of PA and contribute meaningfully to the health of all people and communities.”

Throughout the U.S. the more common and accepted title has been “Physician Assistant”, but the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) voted in the spring of 2021 to change the title to “Physician Associate.” This title change has not officially been instated, so for the purposes of practice a Physician Associate will still be referred to as a Physician Assistant or “PA.” You may also see a PA referred to as an Advanced Practice Provider (APP), or an Advanced Practice Clinician (APC), which are both terms that apply to PAs and Nurse Practitioners alike.

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Blue Ridge Physician Associate Services does not have any financial relationships with any of these organizations to disclose. Kate Goodrich, PA-C is a member of AAPA and a graduate of Yale University's PA Program, but she does not receive any compensation from these organizations.

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Inquiries about services and availability will typically be returned within 3 business days.


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